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Constantin Fabry

Constantin Fabry

As partner of the IT Personalberatung, Constantin Fabry contributes over 25 years of experience in consulting.

He has worked for many years in executive positions in large international companies in the logistics and IT sector, and was in charge of large-scale projects in process management as well as in IT project management. For the past 15 years, he has been active as a personnel consultant for major medium-sized companies.

"Despite the radical changes we are experiencing today, one principle has remained the same throughout the years: "Just do it"! It requires great skills to break down complicated processes into multiple steps without losing sight of the ultimate goal. This is also true when it comes to searching for qualified and suitable employees."

Consulting Focus & Specialization:

  • Filling positions such as:
    • Executive Positions
    • Sales and Marketing Positions
    • Project Management
    • Consultants and Specialist Positions
  • Specialization:
    • IT Companies
    • Consulting Companies
    • Automotive
    • Energy Sector

Experience & Personal Expertise:

  • 25 years of consulting and leadership experience
  • Several years of management experience in large international logistics and consulting companies
  • Extensive experience in project management as well as in key account management
  • Several years of professional experience abroad (England and France)


  • Active nationwide
  • Located near Dortmund/Bochum/Westphalia
  • Phone +49 (0)231 53 21 99 49