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Ralf Vornkahl

Ralf Vornkahl


During his studies in Business Administration, Ralf Vornkahl already worked as a consultant and lecturer for international mechanical engineering and automation companies as well as for public administration and logistics. After completing his studies, he was employed for over twenty years at a large software company and held various positions, from lecturer to pre‑sales consultant, department and division manager of customer training, in partner management and as channel sales manager.

Not only is he a pioneering expert of IT, he has hands-on, lived experience with digitization in all areas. Today, he is able to draw on over 25 years of professional experience and his personal contact with various sectors, with public administration, business and industry.

Ralf Vornkahl has extensive expertise in managing different business units, in personnel management and in coaching employees, which enables him to make an informed choice in personnel selection and suitability assessments.

Thanks to his in-depth experience in the field of adult education and in creating training concepts, he is now able to assess candidates quickly and effectively.

Due to his experience as an executive in the fields of sales and consulting as well as his deep connection with the IT industry, he is capable of quickly grasping the client's personnel requirements, of conducting a targeted search and of finding suitable candidates for difficult positions.

Consulting Focus & Specialization:

  • Filling positions such as:
    • Executive positions (middle and upper management)
    • Consulting and Sales for Service Providers and Software Developers
    • Specialist Positions in Business Intelligence, Software Development, Robotics
  • Industries
    • Industry and Automotive
    • Banks and Insurance Companies
    • Pharma Industry
    • Trade
    • IT Service Providers and Software Developers

Experience & Personal Expertise:

  • 25 years of experience in IT and digitization
  • 15 years of experience in executive positions
  • 20 years of experience in adult education
  • 5 years of experience as an independent interim manager, consultant and lecturer
  • Broad expertise in leadership, partner and alliance management and the fields of pre-sales and distribution
  • Graduate degree in Business Administration


  • Active nationwide
  • Located near Frankfurt/Kassel/Fulda
  • Phone +49 (0) 6404 5099003