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Rolf Obermeier

Rolf Obermeier


Rolf Obermeier is an IT specialist with practical industry expertise who gained his extensive knowledge in 25 years of successful work in the IT industry and in consulting. As senior consultant, head of customer care and IT services as well as head of IT and project manager, he possesses not only profound professional expertise, but also an extensive knowledge of human nature, enabling him to find suitable specialists and executives to fill his client's vacancies optimally and sustainably.

In personnel consulting, Rolf Obermeier now focuses again on his areas of expertise: business process consulting and IT process consulting in the field of ERP and MES systems in the manufacturing industry, wholesale and logistics. The digital transformation affecting all industries and topics such as Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and Omnichannel are posing enormous challenges to businesses. Any company that wants to emerge as a winner from this digital revolution needs the best IT specialists.

Rolf Obermeier has an extensive knowledge of the specific requirements of these technological fields and is just as familiar with the challenges of medium sized enterprises as with those of large corporations. With his extensive personal portfolio and his longstanding network, Rolf Obermeier is capable of filling even the most demanding vacancies with top candidates.

Consulting Focus & Specialization:

  • Filling positions such as:
    • Specialist and Executive Positions
    • Project Management, Consulting, IT Management
    • ERP, MES/MOM (Production Management Systems), Digitization, Industry 4.0
  • Specialization:
    • Technology Companies
    • Manufacturing Industry, Logistics and Trade
    • Food, Automotive, Aerospace
    • Industry 4.0 Companies
    • IT Service Providers

Experience & Personal Expertise:

  • 9 years of experience in IT consulting and project management as independent entrepreneur
  • 18 years of experience in specialist and executive positions in sales, service and process consulting


  • Active nationwide
  • Located near Münster/Bielefeld/Hannover
  • Phone +49 (0) 2941 2889268