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Unsere Top-Leistungen im Bereich Personalvermittlung spiegeln sich nicht zuletzt in Auszeichnungen des Gütesiegels "Headhunter of the Year" wieder

Personnel consultation and personnel placement are based on strict confidentiality. Nevertheless, many of our clients and candidates will be glad to give personal references of our services and the way we live personnel consultation.

Upon request, we will gladly provide you with a suitable reference for you and your business.

Reviews by our Applicants and Candidates!

In the course of the selection process for the "Headhunter of the Year" award, our applicants and candidates gave us the following ratings for our services in the category "Candidate Experience":

  • Pleasant, dependable, courteous contact and profound knowledge of the industry. I felt that I'm in good hands. Good online platform and job descriptions.
  • The contact with the personnel consultancy was very friendly, professional and personal. We held several in-depth discussions and they provided me with plenty of helpful advice, particularly with regard to the job interviews. I have rarely seen such a professional personnel consultancy. I can only recommend this agency.
  • The good personal relationship and the intensity of support provided.
  • The advice on how to improve my CV was incredibly helpful. I also highly appreciated that the documents I submitted were evaluated critically, yet constructively. The contact was absolutely friendly and reliable without being too pushy.
  • The reliability regarding each and every agreement. The expert advice and support. The professionalism.
  • I was very impressed by the individual and personal consultation. I was not just a potential candidate, but there was definitely a strong interest in finding a good long-term match for both parties. Very different from what I experienced in the past! The very open communication and availability were really remarkable! I will definitely recommend them to my network. Thumbs up!
  • Discreet request whether I might be interested in a vacancy. No annoying daily inquiries whether I changed my mind about the vacancy. Good preparation for the interview with the company.
  • Focused consultation without "pressure" - simply great!
  • High level of commitment, good preparation for interviews with hiring companies and excellent availability of the personnel consultant, who invested a lot of time to ensure that the placement process is a success.
  • The integrity, the established relationship of trust, the professionalism, the coaching.
  • The personal approach and excellent exchange of information; highly reliable and professional.
  • Professional advice, good connections to hiring companies, targeted search for potential candidates.
  • Very friendly, very competent. Job description fully matched the vacancy. The personnel consultancy provided excellent support throughout the entire placement process from the first contact until the signing of the contract.
  • Very friendly and professional contact, detailed information about the job offer, excellent knowledge of the company. Personal meeting with the personnel consultant, helpful advice and suggestions for the job interview. Good, close support throughout the entire process.
  • Excellent industry expertise, excellent knowledge of the company, excellent advice for job interviews.
  • Perfect individual preparation for the interview with the client company. Even if no contract is concluded, further suitable vacancies are recommended and the contact is maintained, the focus is on the individual.
  • Highly professional.
  • Very professional procedure, good knowledge of all important factors, excellent support throughout the process. It was not the fault of the personnel consultancy that I ultimately accepted another offer and cancelled the second interview with their client. I could reasonably expect to get an offer. All in all a very positive experience.